Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies | COVID-19 Update No. 4
Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies are suppliers of all things pottery: clay, glazes, raw materials, tools and refractory equipment + firing service & workshops
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COVID-19 Update No. 4


25 Mar COVID-19 Update No. 4

Wednesday, 25 March
Hi everybody,
Things have definitely degenerated – I came to work in my pjs today :)
I’d like to thank you for supporting our business during these crazy times. Yesterday was super busy, however I managed to look after most customers via phone and email orders and leaving stock outside for collection. I had customers either pay over the phone or via bank transfer or when customers attended in person they stayed on the lower level and let me know card numbers from there so I was the only one touching our EFTPOS terminal. We are lucky in that we know most of customers quite well so there is trust between us.
Things are escalating and for that reason from NEXT WEEK we will only be opening from 9am to 12pm on TUESDAY and THURSDAY mornings so as to keep contact to a minimum and to allow me to stay home with our kids. We are still ordering clay so hopefully we can keep you supplied for the time being.
We will not be taking in any more firings. Never fear though we will be firing what we have here waiting and will let you know when it is ready for collection.
So please keep the orders coming, preferably via email and landline calls. Can I ask a favour of you, please don’t text me orders, I have recently had carpal tunnel surgery and am finding quite difficult to use my ‘texting’ finger.
Also if you pull up to the shop and notice somebody is in there please wait in your car until they have left. We are only allowing one person in at a time.
Stay safe everybody – big hugs x