Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies | COVID-19 Update No. 5
Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies are suppliers of all things pottery: clay, glazes, raw materials, tools and refractory equipment + firing service & workshops
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COVID-19 Update No. 5


30 Mar COVID-19 Update No. 5

Monday, 30 March

Hi clay family

How are you all holding up?

Just a reminder that our hours for this week are Tuesday and Thursday 9am to 12pm. I’m just about to put in another Keane’s order. They are currently out of 33, 7, 37 and Ironstone. Hit me up if you need anything specific.

I’m hoping our current Keane’s order will be here on Thursday morning. A lot of this tonne will be going straight out to orders. I know for sure there will be a little bit of the No. 7 available.

We have quite a bit of BRT/BRS and Dark Stoneware in stock. Let me know if you’d like a bag or two.

We’ll be operating in the same manner as we were last week, I reckon it worked pretty well. Email or call in your orders, pay over the phone or via bank transfer then come and collect from our outdoor collection table. There will be no entries into our shed for the time being. If you do turn up we can manage your purchase without you having to come inside. We appreciate your patience and continued support.

Of course we will continue to take all necessary hygiene measures as set out in previous posts.

Have a lovely sunshiney day. We are so very fortunate to live in such a beautiful part of the world