Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies | International Guest Artist: Michael Martino – THE ART OF KARATSU
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International Guest Artist: Michael Martino – THE ART OF KARATSU

Michael Martino

07 Aug International Guest Artist: Michael Martino – THE ART OF KARATSU

2 Day Presentation and Demonstration

Sunday 29 & Monday 30 October: 10am to 3pm

$280 – Full payment required at time of booking


Karatsu ceramic ware is a style of pottery that has been produced in the Hizen region of Kyushu (modern day Saga prefecture), Japan since the mid 16th century. It is the first example of glazed ware in Japan, made possible by the introduction of the climbing kiln, the kickwheel, and clay/glaze processing technologies from Korea. Karatsu ware is known for its simple, rustic beauty, and considered to be a model of the Japanese wabisabi aesthetic.

Mike, a native of New Mexico, USA, lives and works in the Gotanbayashi neighborhood of Taku city, in Saga Prefecture, Japan. Mike makes his work using traditional Karatsu techniques and tools, and local materials. Most of the clay used has been collected by him in the surrounding area, and is sometimes blended with commercial clays and/or locally acquired stone which has been processed by hand. All glazes are ash and feldspar, with a bit of clay in some cases –

Over the 2 days Mike will take you through:

  • the delights of Karatsu including a general history of Karatsu ware and it’s various styles, techniques, tools, pots, and traditional kilns used;
  • wheel throwing, turning and hand building demonstrations making teaware, tableware, sake ware;
  • glaze technology, brush decoration, clay prep and the Karatsu aesthetic.


You will provided with a light lunch and refreshments.


This workshop is available to 10 participants only, be quick to secure your place.