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Our Teachers


15 Aug Our Teachers

We are so fortunate to have such amazingly talented teachers to assist us in facilitating our clay courses. Here is some info on each of them:


Brooke Clunie:

The Red Door Studio and Gallery at Fernleigh in the Byron Bay Hinterland is the home of Brooke Clunie and her distinctive range of wheel thrown ceramics.

Brooke creates original custom made and personalised pottery tableware ideal for unique gifts celebrating occasions such as weddings, births, birthdays and christenings.

Brooke also specialises in corporate orders for businesses wishing to create lasting relationships with their clients.

Thrown on the potters wheel and individually decorated with her loose and playful imagery, Brooke’s ceramics celebrate colour, vitality and imagination.


Penny Evans:

Penny graduated in 1990 with a Bachelor of Visual Arts – Ceramics Major from the Sydney College of the Arts.

Penny produces evolving series of ceramic artworks which are thrown, pinched, coiled and slab built, using raku, terracotta, white and dark earthenware clay bodies.  After creating the forms each piece is decorated using slips, underglazes & glazes combined with sgraffito & carving.

The technique of sgrafitto is a strong feature of the ware and links to Kamilaroi traditions of carving into trees, weapons, utensils as well as ground carving for ceremonial purposes, communications & storytelling. The artwork on Penny’s ceramics reference her Kamilaroi/Gomeroi cultural heritage & also ‘retro’ style ‘Aboriginalia’ souvenir ceramics from the 1950’s & 60’s in Australia, combined with my own evolving graphic style.

Penny has had numerous exhibitions since the 1990s and is the recipient of many Awards and residencies all of which are listed on her website. Penny has taught ceramics at Lismore TAFE and has a highly successful online shop.


Gyan Daniel Wall

Gyan is a skilled and passionate clay worker, wood-firer and kiln builder with over 20 years of experience devoted to the craft.

For Gyan this process is a form of alchemy, a co-creation with the natural elements in order to produce objects of function and beauty.

He approaches it as an “intuitive science”, engaging in this process whole-heartedly with an attitude of playfulness, acute observation, deep contemplation and an air of non-attachment. He delights in making simple and beautiful functional wares that feel good to use.

His sculptural forms are of spiritual significance and speak of universal creation.

Gyan is exceptionally skilled in a variety of wheel forming and hand building techniques and can assist all levels of practitioner from beginner through to advanced through this creative process; from conception through to completion.