Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies | Finding Form -Saturday 8 Week Hand Building Workshop -All levels
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Finding Form -Saturday 8 Week Hand Building Workshop -All levels

Raven HB copy

12 Feb Finding Form -Saturday 8 Week Hand Building Workshop -All levels

Finding Form

Saturday 8 Week Immersive Hand Building Workshop

-All levels


Finding Form Is an 8 week hand building course where students will be guided in the creation of a personalised set of ceramics. The course is suitable for students who are new to hand building and students with experience.

This course provides a foundation into hand building techniques with a focus on creating templates used in the creation of slab built ceramics. Students will learn about the application of Slips, underglazes with varied approaches to achieve your creative goals. 

You will learn:

  • Pattern making principles: Construct templates to create a personalised set of ceramics 
  • Hump and drape moulds: Utilise simple hump moulds to turn slabs into dynamic 3D forms. 
  • Surface treatments and hand forming techniques: A varied approach to surface treatments including slip/ underglaze / glaze application, resists, carving, imprinting. 


This class runs for 8 consecutive Saturdays 9:30-12:30


  • 7 August-25 September


Email to book in:

Payment required on booking. Spots are limited so please reserve early to avoid disappointment.

 Teacher: Raven Esque |Insta @raven.esque.ceramics