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Northern Rivers Pottery Supplies are suppliers of all things pottery: clay, glazes, raw materials, tools and refractory equipment + firing service & workshops
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Studio Time

20 Jun Studio Time


Every Wednesday 9:30-12:30


$20 for 3 hours

For those who have experience and want to extend their skills or work independently on their projects in a cool, calm community space. Our Studio Time lets you access our equipment and work in a social setting with other potters.

The cost includes use of all tools and equipment including slab roller, extruder, Venco pottery wheels, bench space, scales, boards, wedging/cement table, plastic to cover your work, assorted moulds and shelf space for storage of your pieces. You will also receive 10% off the cost of firing of the work you make during this time.

…And as much tea as you like.

Payment on the day, cash preferred. 

 See you there!


Studio Time Terms & Conditions

Studio access does not come with tuition. 

-You will receive a 15% discount for firing of pieces made within this time slot: $10 per kg. All other work brought in will incur normal firing charges ($12 kg)

-Glazes, underglazes and clay are not provided and must be purchased.

- Studio Time is open 9:30- 12:30  every Wednesday, cleanup must happen within this 3 hours.

- You must have some experience and know what you are doing with all equipment and tools, participants need to have completed a 4 or 8 week course with us or the equivalent somewhere else before using the equipment. 

- You must be 18+ to use Studio Time.

- You cannot bring friends or family into the studio during studio access if they are not participants. 

- All equipment MUST be cleaned & returned after use, wheels should be cleaned thoroughly and bench space wiped.

- You may keep your work on your shelves marked for Studio Time, however the space provided is limited so please be considerate of others and don’t use up all the shelf space.

- Work left on the shelf for 3+ months without communication or an organised pickup time will be thrown away. 

- No dry sanding. Always minimise dust by working with moist or wet clay.

.- Making of plaster moulds is not available in the space.

- Wear closed toe shoes.

- Bring your own towel and apron.

-Your work must be signed so that it can be identified. 

- Shop firing guidelines must be followed, if your pieces cause damage to kiln shelves due to negligence you must pay to replace them.

- If you damage equipment you must pay to replace it.